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In person, qualified, motivated and capable. Behind our products is a support team that has not only developed the products from practical experience, but also offers high-quality advice on all issues. Solving individual problems is just as much a part of our work as the further development of our existing products.

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The foundation for our add-ons, widgets and marketing services.

  • booking + mts

    booking + mts

    The software, which forms the cornerstone of our modules and marketing services, can be connected to existing systems via various interfaces. This all-rounder docks onto the existing PMS, revenue and correspondence systems and provides a clear view of the online market. All important information such as room details, offers, prices, availability, restrictions and much more is transported dynamically and clearly to every level of your website. A consistent flow of information and a reduced error rate are made possible by the one-time central data entry. Post-processing in the backend of the website is no longer necessary. Can be used for all types of accommodation such as hotels, campsites and vacation apartments.

  • booking + mts light

    booking + mts light

    This light version of our bestseller booking + mts can keep up with it in terms of compatibility and versatility, but differs in the accommodation of the live price calculator, which is only used here in the room details or globally. The compelling argument for this "slimmed-down" version of our flagship product is of course the lower price and the usual compatibility with all our add-ons.

  • website


    The complete package for a perfectly coordinated web presence. This comprehensive website is designed entirely according to your wishes and ideas. The site concept includes all the necessary sub-pages, the booking engine, the website texts in multiple languages. Our repertoire also includes the programming and migration of websites. We also provide services in the digitization process such as domain registrations, hosting and content management.

  • website light

    website light

    The "little sister" of our full website is in no way inferior in terms of user-friendliness and appealing, coherent design. When creating this one-pager, which is particularly, but not only, suitable for smaller enterprises, you can select from various templates. The text is taken from the existing website, revised and adapted. Included are the booking + mts slider with rooms and offers, the booking engine if necessary, hosting and domain as well as the cookie tool.


Take a look at our online distribution portfolio.

  • last available room

    last available room

    last available room

    The intelligent last minute rooms offer is a win-win tool for both you and your guests! It ensures maximum capacity utilization of your establishment.

  • live price calculator

    live price calculator

    live price calculator

    This real-time price calculator takes into account current availability and offers, selected rooms, occupancy and meals and gives guests an up-to-date overview of the costs at every step of the booking process.

  • room comparison

    room comparison

    room comparison

    Your guests are overwhelmed – which room category should they book? Our room comparison tool allows them to make a direct and detailed comparison of up to three rooms, making the decision easier and speeding up the booking process.

  • channel manager

    channel manager

    One data source leads to a significant minimization of the error rate.The channel manager has revenue-boosting marketing functions, allows easy control and synchronization of prices and availability on your website as well as on all OTA and meta channels – and is an optimal interface to common PMS systems.

  • smart response

    smart response

    smart response

    The revolution at the reception.


    Enormous labor savings, a concrete increase in turnover and the advantage of being able to concentrate fully on the guest on site, thanks to smart response. Guest inquiries are answered automatically without sacrificing personalisation and customisation. Various parameters such as room alternatives and different time periods can be customized. Enquiries received via tourism portals can also be answered via various interfaces.

  • A true chameleon when it comes to selling additional services: our extremely versatile module has enormous potential. Whether value vouchers, service vouchers, restaurant vouchers or appointment bookings. It offers direct payment links to existing accounts and PMS systems. The big advantage: the data is only entered once. Easy and smart.

  • booking engine

    booking engine

    booking engine

    The intelligent and intuitive direct booking engine! Attractive and user-friendly, our booking engine guides guests through the booking process. Simple and convenient, and always individually adapted to the design of your website, our booking engine fits perfectly into the existing context.


  • iiQ check

    iiQ check

    iiQ check

    The best publicity in tourism today comes from positive guest reviews. iiQ-check helps you to get an overview – with a digital, automated and individual guest review management system. It bundles all reviews in one place, automatically generates new, genuine reviews using a questionnaire, shows the comparison with competitors and enables a direct response to the guest. iiQ-check generates more reviews and facilitates their processing.

  • confirmation



    This module enhances booking + mts with the individual booking confirmation: a template adapted to the corporate design – of course personalized and responsive in the view, i.e. compatible with all smartphones and other mobile devices.

  • camping



    This module offers campsite operators the unique opportunity to display their availability and make it fully bookable online – including listing and description of individual campsite features and personalized booking confirmation.

  • fast check in

    fast check in

    fast check in

    No more queuing: today, thanks to fast check in, there are no more waiting times. Our widget allows your guests to check in online, via email or directly on the website. The guest data is saved directly in the PMS, which not only makes work at reception easier on stressful arrival days, but also makes check-in much more relaxed for guests.

  • social wall widget

    social wall widget

    social wall widget

    This widget, which is integrated on your website, makes it possible to display your current, automatically updated posts on social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram directly on the website.

  • flipbook



    Online flipping? flipbook allows you to integrate your hotel magazine as a flip book without integrated advertising. The layout can be customized and the flipping of pages is visually appealing. By creating a QR code for catalogs or menus, for example, food and drink menus can be displayed digitally.

  • tours



    tours stands for our system-tested tour widget, which is divided into various archives and can be managed via an intuitive backend. Tour data and their rights remain with the owner. Tour descriptions, waypoints, GPS data and images are entered once, the number of tours per archive is unlimited and there is the option to download pdf files. Tours can be made accessible only to a specific audience and published on different pages using a code.

  • price comparison

    price comparison

    A price comparison between the website and external channels is possible via our price comparison module. This allows the guest to keep track of costs on the online market.

  • iiQ check widget and button

    iiQ check widget and button

    iiQ check widget and button

    By integrating the guest review system directly on your website, the guests receive an immediate overview of the real reviews and their evaluation in comparison. This allows them to get a direct impression of your establishment without having to switch to other websites.

  • parking



    Clearly laid out, intuitive, user-friendly and time-saving. The mts parking module ensures optimized utilization, simple and uncomplicated check-ins in your guest parking lot and efficient parking management. Graphically appealing, integrated into the website in the style of your corporate design, personalized, always up to date in real time.

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Our online marketing services at a glance.

  • online analytics

    online analytics

    While you concentrate fully on your day-to-day business, we analyze the performance of the product presentation using access statistics and key sales figures. The resulting information is put in relation to marketing investments, processed and presented in an understandable way. This basis facilitates decisions for future marketing.

  • newsletter


    Storytelling in newsletter format underlines the coherent appearance of your company, increases your visibility and ensures stronger customer loyalty. Customized, flexible, multilingual and reliable, we inform your target groups about news and offers from your house – registration widget on your website included!

  • 3D rendering

    3D rendering

    A 3D visualization plays a key role in convincing investors and banks when it comes to the smooth success of your construction project. But renderings are also a useful and aesthetic tool for marketing and PR purposes, for the stylish presentation of your projects and for facilitating design decisions. We create detailed visualizations for interiors and exteriors, new buildings and extensions as well as for pre-opening sales.

  • photo shoot

    photo shoot

    Corporate branding photo shoots pursue the goal of presenting you and your company in the most suitable, individual and customized way possible. Professional, authentic and with little effort thanks to the included planning and concept creation. Including post-production in the standard package, with additional extras that can be purchased separately.

  • social media marketing

    social media marketing

    Social ads (e.g. on Facebook and Instagram) reach a large number of users, provide more direct feedback from your target market and allow you to set up marketing campaigns on multiple channels at a relatively low price. The main objective is communication with potential customers and product presentation. Pleasant side effects: increased visibility, successful employer branding and clear communication of your image to the outside world.

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